Farmers behind the game

We, Hannes and Kristiina, grow and produce tea in Georgia, but we also love to play board games with our family. One winter we started to think that it would be cool to have a tea farm board game and not finding anything that would interest us enough, we decided to create our own. So, together with Hannes' son Marten, we started to craft the idea of a tea plantation board game. Our own journey as farmers has had many ups and downs and we tried to incorporate those adventures, surprises, failures and successes into this game, so you would also get a glimpse of the life of a real tea farmer. It has some strategic planning, but also a lot of random events created by the dice to make it more fun.

We hope the game would bring joy to you and your family as well!

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About the game

Legendary Tea Farmer is a game for 3 to 5 players who each represent a different tea estate. To run a successful tea business, farmers firstly have to rehabilitate abandoned tea gardens, then grow and produce good quality tea, find a market to sell it to and also give back to the local community. As you are newbies in the tea world, then Badass Bidjo is there to mentor you. While each farmer can produce tea, only the one who manages to hire Badass Bidjo, will produce tea with good enough quality to earn a reputation on the tea market and become a legendary tea farmer. Badass Bidjo is a busy man though and he mentors only one farmer per season...

Do you have what it takes to be the next Legendary Tea Farmer? 

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