This is Badass Bidjo - a legendary tea farmer and a renegade at heart. Stories of his excellent tea-making travel around, but he follows his own rules and doesn’t care about fame. He is passionate about nature and his plantations. He works hard each day to make the best tea for his customers and to give back to the community around him.

We, the creators of this game, are Renegade Tea Farmers, growing tea on our organic farm in Georgia and Badass Bidjo is our imaginary role model. In addition to growing and producing tea, we also love board games and with this game, we want to give you the possibility to try to be a tea farmer too!

Legendary Tea Farmer is a game for 3 to 5 players who each represent a different tea estate. To run a successful tea business, farmers firstly have to rehabilitate abandoned tea gardens, then grow and produce good quality tea, find a market to sell it to and also give back to the local community.

How to play?

Do you have what it takes to be the next Legendary Tea Farmer? Being a tea farmer is no easy task, being legendary is even harder! You have to rehabilitate abandoned tea plantations, grow and produce tea and then sell it as well. At the same time, you need to keep your workers and the community around you happy and run an economically successful farm despite all the surprises and random hiccups life throws at you. Be it a cow eating your tea bushes, bad weather conditions affecting the harvest or an unexpected free day due to a wedding in the village, you need to find a way to adapt!

If you manage to do all that, then a legendary tea farmer, Badass Bidjo, is ready to help you take your tea-making on another level and earn a good reputation among your customers and other tea makers. The one with the most reputation at the end of the game, becomes the next Legendary Tea Farmer!

  • 1. Hiring Badass Bidjo

    Each player bids how much they think the mentor's services are worth it. The one with the highest bid gets to hire the legendary tea farmer on that season. Players will receive as much reputation as much they produce together with Badass Bidjo.

  • 2. Preparation for the new season

    During this phase players:

    - acquire new tea fields

    - expand the factory

    - pay salary to workers and hire new ones to harvest and produce the tea; 

    - buy development cards to develop the sales network, improve their farm or help the local community.

  • 3. Production and sales

    Players produce and sell the tea they have harvested this season.

    Before production, a random season card is revealed which affects the current season’s result. Will the weather ruin all of your plans or does unexpected luck land on your farm this year? 

Legendary Tea Farmer is a strategic game where the randomness of a dice roll brings in more fun! It's a game to play with the whole family, it needs some planning, but in general, is easy enough to be enjoyed by also those who don't necessarily love strategy games so much. The game is on average around 80 minutes long (depending on the number of players), so short enough to take a revanche on the same night ;)